One year ago, doTERRA asked Elena Brower world famous yoga teacher and goddess to help develop a Yoga Collection, comprised of three new blends for Yoga and Meditation. That was the moment we created a shift towards abundance, consciousness and quality, by providing the highest grade of therapeutic grade oils to our students and partners. Yoga teachers must recognise the difference between oil quality. So many of them still diffuse synthetic oils in class environments.


As a teacher you have the power and responsibility to influence your students with their lifestyle. They look up to you. As a true mentor and teacher you can use this beautiful gift to educate them further with their health. We teach you how to hold monthly essential oil yoga workshops, lifestyle classes, emotional and mental health events to truly support your students even when they are not with you. To achieve such a high level of service you must not compromise on oil quality.

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Business Masterclass for YOGA Teachers


Email me here for the password on how to include doTERRA essential oils into your yoga practice or teachings. This is a Training Masterclass that maps out success for you. I would be honoured to work with you and serve you with my experience.



Meet one of our shining yoga teacher

Meet Amanda Cassar the strongest women I ever met.