N A T U R A L S K I N -C A R E C L A S S:

Next Tuesday from 7 pm.


During this class you will learn:

Skin care and beauty regime tutorial.
What is our skin responsible for and how it works.
Learn to cleanse, balance Ph, and stimulate cell turnover. Learn about your skin type so you can use the right products for you.
You will learn about personalised Skin Analyses zone by zone. You will gain understanding of what your skin needs, understanding your skin symptoms. You need to bring all your skin care products with you that your are currently using ( we won't be using these on you but we will be learning about hidden harmful ingredients, toxins, perfumes, colourings, alcohols and other damaging ingredients you might very well be applying on your skin daily.) Scarrrryyyyyy!!!!!

We will cover commune skin problems ( acne, hyper and hypo pigmentation, sun damage, premature ageing, scarring, irritation, dehydration, dryness, oily T- zone, cystic acne, hyper sensitivity, grey skin, rosecia, broken capillaries, toxicity...)

You will leave the class with the knowledge of products that are suited and safe for you and a strong and proven skin cleansing technique you can put in practice every morning and evening. I hope.

During this class we are going to learn everything about your skin type. We will be able to identify specific oils, essential oils, nutrients, creams and whole foods you can use every day as part of your skin care. My focus is to teach you how to become the healer of your own skin.

I qualified as an International Beauty Therapist and Skin specialist in 2003. I worked in three different countries as a therapist and salon manager and salon owner. I have helped thousands of clients feel more confident about their skin and helped them create a skin routine based on zone by zone analyses. I have stopped practicing as a therapist in 2011 when my last baby was born and this is when I decided to requalify as a Nutritional Health and Lifestyle Coach. Since I have been helping my clients create a healthier and happier lifestyle through nutrition. My latest passion and deep love towards essential oils is strongly based on my skin specialist education, knowledge. Back in Europe we look at the skin very specifically and European style deep cleansing facials are world famous. Come and learn with me how you can look after your skin and health from within, with natural products that don't damage your immunity.
If you have been undergoing strong medication, radiation chemotherapy, hormone replacement or have previous history of hyper sensitivity this class not suitable for you.

You will need: Make up free skin, pen, paper your regular beauty products you use medium sized standing mirror so u can see yourself doing each step I demo, Hair band, small bowl.
I provide: Zone by zone analyses, Step by step facial massage Instructions, Cotton whole, Water Refreshments Products,Essential oils, Cleanser Toner Exfoliator / scrub Warm water, spatula Print out for step by step facial routines: Morning routine Evening routine Once a week facial print outs. Essential oils for the skin print out DoTerra skin care products ... And much more.
All products are natural and organic.

DATES: 14th JUNE 2016

If you wish to have any questions pls email me to: wellnesswithmammajones@live.com

Location: Jersey, Channel Islands, St Helier. At Flavour health food bar opposite the bus station.

Price: £45

Time: from 7 pm till 9 pm



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