Raw Vegan Raspberry Ice Cream in 5 Min...


We adore this simple and healthy homemade ice cream. If I need to be honest this is the reason I bought my Vitamix back in the day. Little did I know I will turn into a Raw Food making machine.

My kids love this Ice cream, and I’m not just saying because I want you to make my recipes. It is AMAZING.

Home Made, Vegan, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free,  It has good fats in the form of coconut cream and plenty of antioxidants from berries. Bananas give the natural sweetness and creamy texture we all crave when it comes to ice cream. I always add some food grade Cinnamon Essential Oil to balance out blood sugar levels. This ice cream with only just one drop of cinnamon essential oil makes your ice cream experience something truly magical and healthy. I serve it with a gluten-free cone that I buy form my local health store. I haven’t made cones yet. Maybe next summer….

2 frozen banana
1 cup frozen raspberry (or any other frozen fruit of your choice)
1 small tin coconut cream ( chilled not frozen )
1 drop cinnamon essential oil

Tip: If you find that this mixture ins’t sweet enough for you. Add 1-2 drops Stevia.
Bland in Vitamix (or food processor) until smooth like dairy Ice cream. Don’t over blend otherwise it will be a smoothy.



vegan ice cream in 2 min
Nikolett Jones