Strawberry Banana Blast with Lime Essential Oil...

Strawberry Banana Blast Recipe

One of the greatest things to do for the first meal of the day is, to begin with, a smoothie one you had your warm water and lemon Essential oil!

Here’s why:

1 - Best way to get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables (use little fruit but more veg)

2 - Quick, easy, and FUN! Add oils. Peppermint, digest zen, wild orange, lemon are fab in smoothies and healing for the gut. Alkalising and reduces inflammation. Your skin will glow. 

3 - Kids LOVE them

4 - Supports digestion - you will absorb more nutrients from your food, as essential oils heal the gut side of the gut wall. 

5 - Fantastic on your weight loss journey

6 - Helps you achieve your health goals

7 - Packed with energy

8 - Reduce cravings (add lemon oil if you have sugar cravings) 

9 - Never gets boring with so much variety

10 - Fun to share with others ( upload a picture of your morning smoothie to win oils)

Here is my AMAZING smoothie recipe for you to try:

Strawberry Banana Blast Smoothie:

-1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

-1.5 frozen bananas 

-Handful frozen strawberries

-2 drops lime essential oil



Mamma Jones