Raw Cashew And Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe...


This was the second cake I served for my Wellness Workshop in Jersey. We had afternoon tea and raw cakes. One of my favorite cakes ever and my kiddies love it too. They can be picky when it comes to raw cakes, but when this comes out of the freezer for some reason they think its ice cream cake. The middle is very creamy and really does taste like vanilla ice cream. The top can be made sharper to compliment the sweet layer. If you just transitioning with your lifestyle and cutting out sugar, feel free to make it sweeter.

Remember this is a step by step and slow process. This recipe will help you control your sugar cravings.

(My advice would be to semi-freeze the cake, then cut it into slices and keep it in the freezer until you fancy a healthy treat. If you don’t slice it up in advance then you might have to defrost the whole cake before consuming. When sliced you can just take an individual slice out to defrost instead of the whole cake. )



For the base you will need: 

1 cup raw sunflower seeds

1 cup soaked (activated) raw almonds

500 g pitted dates

4 tablespoon melted coconut oil


For the cream layer you will need:

Depending on how thick you want the cream layer you can double the ingredients to create a more dramatic look. For a regular thickness (like the picture) you will need:


The middle layer (white )

3 mugs of cashew nuts soaked overnight (600g)

3/4 cup maple syrup (about 160ml)

2 ripe bananas

2 pitted dates (you can use less maple and more dates)

1 tablespoon vanilla powder

A touch of cinnamon powder or 1 drop doTERRAcinnamon essential oil 


Top blueberry layer:

3 mugs  fresh blueberries (600g) doTERRA Lavedner essential oil goes really well with blueberries. If you decide to use lavender dont use cinnamon. 

6 pitted dates

squeeze of lemon juice

1 tablesoon ground chia seeds



For making the base place all the ingredients in the food processor or blender, and blend till it looks like a crumble mix. You can make it as fine as you like, but don’t over process, as it can turn into butter like texture. Give it a scrape occasionally and carry on processing till it looks right to you. (if your processor not so powerful then I recommend to crumble the nuts and seeds first then add the rest of the ingredients. )

With a spatula or clean, wet fingers press the mixture in to a cake tin very firmly. Let the base rest in the freezer.


Cream (white) Layer:

Drain the soaked nuts.

In blender or food processor mix all the ingredients together. If your machine isn’t too powerful or on the old side, I recommend you to blend the the maple syrup with nuts and dates first, then mesh the banana and process together till it turns into a beautiful ice cream like texture.

Poor it over the base layer, and let it rest in the freezer till you carry on with the top layer.

Once the middle layer has set, you can pour the third and final layer on the top. For this you will need to blend or process all the remaining ingredients together. Use ground chia, otherwise you will end up crunching on the swollen seeds. It won’t be too dramatic or noticeable but I prefer to use ground ones. Chia will help you hold the cake together and also soaks up the water from the blueberries. Don’t miss it out.


Place the cake back in the freezer for about an hour.

After an hour take it out and slice it up. Place it back to the freezer till you ready to serve it.

I recommend removing the slice or slices from the freezer 20 minutes before eating it.


Nikolett Jones