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3 Best Essential Oil Products / Brands In The UK

I wanted to research the most popular brands and fully understand how they produce their oils before I made my commitment.

Here is what you need to consider before you buy and follow the trend:

Here is what I have found out.

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Find out which top 3 essential oil should be in your handbag and why.

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Nut Milk Making Workshop Reveiw By Natalie Prin...

We were greeted with a glass of lemon, chia and bee pollen water. I will be making this an immediate and permanent fixture in my life starting tomorrow. Not just because it feels just short enough of hipster to actually be quite cool, but because, turns out, the sprinkling of seeds swirling around in my little cup turned out to be my full allocation of multivitamins for the day...

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4 things I Have Learned In Thailand And A Intimate Peace Of My Journal...

Be gentle with your thoughts as you read my worlds. I share my deepest feelings with you that I have taken out of my journal in hope to inspire you. I wrote these notes whilst I was in Thailand where I had the opportunity to re-center and feel full of inspiration…
“ When I say I want to go on holiday, what I really mean is I want to escape my everyday life.
I want to quit motherhood sometimes. The F world slips out of my mouth way too often these days… I need time out! I’m empty, I cannot carry on giving from nothing! I’m tired...

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