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I would like to introduce Natalie to you. She is this generation’s anti-princess. She writes a blog called PrinSays is a guide to eclectic style, maximised travel, minimised life drama, the need for tattoos, fabulous food, the evolution of modern communication.  She is my kind of gal. Bubbly, full of life and willing to learn anything to improve her health and lifestyle.


I teach lifestyle workshops or classes every Tuesday evening either locally or online. This is how I met Natalie.

When Prin (Natalie) has arrived, we started chatting and instantly hit it off.  She told me she will write a blog about her experience. ( No pressure then!! )


Couple of days later I have received her latest blog. I absolutely fallen in love with the way she writes so I though it would be a shame if I didn’t share it with you.

We were greeted with a glass of lemon, chia and bee pollen water. I will be making this an immediate and permanent fixture in my life starting tomorrow. Not just because it feels just short enough of hipster to actually be quite cool, but because, turns out, the sprinkling of seeds swirling around in my little cup turned out to be my full allocation of multivitamins for the day! Sick bruv.

By the end of a short introduction, we were all hanging on to every word. The introduction chat ran through some of the many reasons milk and other dairy products should feature in our life a helluva lot less. A quick show of hands establishes no one in the room, Nicolette included, has managed to give up dairy entirely. Phew! I suddenly feel more at ease. These people just can’t give up brie either. The struggle truly is real, just as I suspected.

Bowls of almonds and cashews have been soaking just out of arms’ reach but it’s time to get stuck in and so we are allowed to pass them round, making appropriately grossed-out noises when we see the scum that has floated to the surface and we talk for some time about the need to activate nuts* in order to make them worthy of entering our bodies. Nuts contain enzyme inhibitors which means without activation they are pretty useless for us in terms of nutritional value. Previously it has only been at the very height of my occasional bouts of healthiness that I even snack on almonds but what even is life when an unactivated almond isn’t good for you!?

*You can buy activated nuts from Amazon if you don’t want to soak them for 12 hours yourself.

Next, we establish that a £7 nut milk bag is going to change our lives. Several people even order them from Amazon while the demonstration gets underway (yes, I was one of those people)…

While the Amazon purchases are processing, I’m also eyeing up the Vitamix that I now want but can’t justify £500 on, in spite of its life-time guarantee. Anyway, there it is, doing what it does and whizzing up a handful of nuts, a tsp of chia seeds, a couple of Medjool dates and about a litre of water. Within moments, the mixture is being drained through said nut milk bag (which by the way can, and should, be reused over and over again!) and the deliciously frothy and milky mixture is made. Done! Just like that!

For those who weren’t already sold on the dairy-free life, I think this was quite an impressive moment. . The milk is being ladled into cups for us to try and suddenly I’m quite annoyed that my nut milk bag won’t be here ’til Friday. I NEED THIS MILK IN MY LIFE ALL THE TIME OHMIGOD. Maybe it was the delicious dates in there that sold me? I don’t know but I’m literally ready to give up my first-born child, let alone dairy, if it means more of this.

We move on to strawberry-flavoured almond milk.

Surely this picture is convincing you to try? So glorious, colourful, healthy, frothy… Best of all, there isn’t really a recipe, you just sort of throw in the things you like and some of the things you need, whizz it all up, and you have your flavoured nut milk.

We discuss a little about the benefits of superfoods, largely bee pollen, and we discover it can be used to counteract hay fever (something I’ve recently become a sufferer of) and… well…*orders bee pollen*

While we’re given some homework in the form of some wider reading on the superfood topic, the next batch of milk is getting prepped. Oat milk! Bloody oat milk! We’re now learning how to make a delicious protein shake. Hemp seeds even feature in this one as it’s night time and we’ve established no one is going to the gym after class is over. Many of the people in the workshop are mums, or mums-to-be, evidently in need of a good nights sleep (although, aren’t we all tbf) because it’s not long before kilos of hemp seeds are being ordered – thank you Amazon Prime – and a few people titter about getting stoned from milk. lols.

The next milk we make is quinoa milk. Is there no limit to the milks we can make?! Finally I’ve had enough of being a spectator and I want to get involved, so I get to milk the bag myself! This is weirdly satisfying and quick to do!

Lesson: If it’s in your cupboard, you have a nut milk bag (natch) and you want to make it into milk, you can! The world is quite literally your oyster. Or your Medjool date? I feel like that’s the vegan equivalent?


We cover a couple of other recipes, including cashew and turmeric milk. And we learn not to hold back when adding spices. 2 tbsp of turmeric go in there (along with many other ingredients), resulting in a gorgeous mixture that is more yellow than the sun. So delicious! I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this one but it’s neither savoury nor sweet neither spicy nor bitter and it sort of dried your mouth a bit and makes you want more. It’s hard to describe, but we were all really pleasantly surprised and impressed by this one! This is recommended as a daily elixir just for life, but especially good for anyone suffering with stomach pain.

I’ve never left a workshop more enthusiastic and keen to do stuff. Maybe I need to attend workshops about food. I was kindly sent on my way feeling inspired with a box of nut pulp in my bag which I’m told I can make nut cheese, energy balls, homemade body scrub….ANYTHING I BLOODY WANT!

I try to get into bed but I’m so full of excitement I decide maybe I’ll make a little jar of nut cheese! So I do!

The next day I got home from work and use the rest of the pulp to make energy balls. So here they are:

Not a single scrap of any of those almonds were wasted in this process. It’s amazing how far they will go when you know what you’re doing with them.

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