3 Best Essential Oil Products / Brands In The UK

3 Best Essential Oil Products and Brands In The UK

I wanted to research the most popular brands and fully understand how they produce their oils before I made my commitment.

Here is what you need to consider before you buy:

Here is what I have found out about the most popular brands in the UK while I was in researching mode.

Neal’s Yard Remedies:

It is difficult for me to think about what I love about these products….

I have had Neal’s Yard oils and products but they are so commercial I would rather consider them a high street brand than a therapeutic product.

You see I’m after the purest and most potent oils ….

I think I actually think of them as a beauty company not an essential oil company because they offer so many different products. Which isn’t a negative thing of course.

I love that they are natural.

I love that they are in glass.

I love that you can buy it from all over the place because it is better than using toxic self-care products for sure.

I love their branding and blue bottles.

The price is similar to doTERRA or YL, I don’t have a problem with that.

I don’t like that their education is expensive and you need to pay for it. The fee is around £200-£300 which makes the product extremely expensive. Of course, you are not pushed into taking any of their courses. It is optional.

I have heard their course are great.

They are into Direct Selling which is similar to MLM structure - Im fine with that - great marketing tools. If you have a business or a product you need to sell it, however selling it in Waitrose and other big retailers don’t help the ambassadors too much. I think when you become an ambassador for a company it is important that you understand it is all about building relationships and serving others with love and your time and knowledge.

I love their ethical sourcing but there are no transparency and laboratory test reports that would prove the quality and purity of the oils. If you have any information on this please get in touch I would love to learn more about them. When a company isn’t transparent it means one thing…. not my choice. Also I couldn’t find GC/MS testing report. Please do let me know if any available.

Also not food grade oils.

Young Living:

I love their branding and intention.

I love the community and I love that it is a MLM company. They give back to the community and customers in so many ways.

I love the FREE education that they provide.

I love you have someone you can turn to when you have questions.

I love that some of their oils are food grade - however, I wouldn’t trust after this legal case … see below

I don’t like that their oils not pure and that they have lost a law suit trying to prove it was. Overall YL has great self care products and the oils are lovely, but if you are after purity it isn’t the one for me.

Finally, I didn’t like that Young Living fined for using illegally sourced essential oils, highlighting the issue of supply chain transparency. Because of that I decided not to use their products and opted in for a different company.


I love that the company sources it’s oils from the native land of the produce.

I love that they education based and most of their education is absolutely FREE. Also more FREE education here.

I love their is someone to turn to when you have a question

I love that they have lab testing and result available for the public. Transparency is important. When you use essential oils purity is everything. They provide up to date GC/MS testing results.

I love their charity work and that they are sustainable.

Yes, it is MLM - then what - other corporations spend millions of TV advertisements and social media marketing - MLM companies decide to compensate their passionate customers. If you ask me MLM can be great when one does it form passion and with the intention to serve and help others.

I would love them to use less plastic - but they have made lots of improvements

I love their range and that they don’t try to do it all

I absolutely LOVE that you do NOT have to open an account to buy oils, dedicate to membership or monthly ordering. It is optional and for sure you get the best price when you decide to opt in for it. But if you don’t fancy it you can just shop as you like. Make sure you check that the oils come from doTERRA not anyone else. I have recently checked amazon reviews and the oils were fake. That isn’t cool.

I love that they have food grade oils which means baking and cooking can be more fun. Raw chocolate making is super fun with doTERRA oils.

Final verdict:

  1. doTERRA

  2. Young Living

  3. Neal’s yard

I have decided to use doTERRA. I have done lots of research and I love their transparency. I love that even Ellen De generous show mentioned them … ha ha after all who needs more convincing?

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Love to you all

Mamma Jones