7 Grounding & Protecting Self Care Travel Tips Before You Get On a Long Flight

Grounding & Protecting Self Care Travel Tips Before You Get On a Long Flight

I live on an Island which means if I want to get off it my options are: 

A) swimming across the channel (maybe not, chances of my survival is very low) 

B) boarding the ferry driving over to the mainland (takes way to long, and who needs a car in London anyway? ) 

C) Catching a 40 min long flight to London (considering the first two options this will be the most suited way to escape the rock) 

This means flying a lot. Flying can leave me with feelings like unsettled, disturbed, nervous, stressed, hungry, week, dry, dehydrated and inflamed. But this could be worse if I'm traveling with my children if you know what I mean????? 

Here are my tips to keep you feeling nourished and stable while you are jet-setting across the world: 

1) Obviously, drink plenty of water. Nothing new. 

2) Start your day with a warm shower. Avoid bath as it will dehydrate you also. After your warm shower practice self-massage with herbally infused oils or essential oils diluted with a carrier oil. Ayurvedic practice swears by sesame seed oil. Which I have to say I do love, however, it is extremely rich and heavy and it does have a strong smell to it, that you might not feel comfortable with while sitting on the plane. I prefer applying coconut oil with vitamin E oil (half - half works very well) to keep my body hydrated. Self-massage will boost your circulation that you will benefit from before sitting for long hours. It is also very grounding and calming. Dry body brushing could also be a great way to boost your circulation and lymph before the long flight.

Use vetiver, roman chamomile, frankincense, myrrh, wild orange if you are a nervous flyer. 

Use peppermint on your lower legs to boost circulation

Use fennel, peppermint, ginger on your stomach if you get sick

Use basil and melaleuca if your ears get problematic during your flight

To boost and protect your immunity I suggest Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Frankincense essential oils diluted in all cases.  

3) Drink plenty of herbal tea before the flight. I know we already mentioned water but herbal tea is different. You have the chance to provide your body with a therapeutic experience. Support your digestive system with ginger, peppermint, chamomile or fennel tea.  

4) Some people believe we should be fasting during long flights. If you choose to eat try to stick with nourishing, warm foods. Avoid dry snacks and avoid sweet treats. 

5) If you have trouble falling asleep during flights use essential oils on the bottom of your feet and lower back. Use my Sweet Dreams Blend. 5 drops Vetiver, 5 drops Roman Camomile, 5 drops Cedar-wood, 5 drops Arborvitae, 5 drops of Frankincense blend together in 10 ml of coconut oil.  

6) Another good tip to adopt is to play calming music during taking off and landing. This will also help you with falling asleep or staying calm.

7) As soon as you land to connect to earth. 



Mamma Jones