doTERRA Essential Oils CLASS for Beginners

20th or 27th March 2019 - Grand Hotel - Jersey

(Fund Raising Class for our Beautiful Friend Laura - Read Laura’s story at the bottom of the page please. )

Empowered Living - Essential Oil to create a more natural home, prevent dis-ease and heal the body.

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— How to help tired, aching joints, GROWING PAINS


— How to reduce muscular discomfort before and after exercise

— How to make a natural gargle mixture / protective mouth rinse for optimal oral health

— How to support immunity during winter month - keep bugs, viruses and bacteria away from home

— Natural chemical free cleaning solution to protect your pets and small children - specifically for asthma sufferers

— How to purify air when its full of BACTERIA and VIRUSES from colds, flu and sore throats

— How to apply and what to apply topically to calm anxiety and sooth emotions, lift mood before exams and socialising - great tips for separation anxiety

— What essential oils to apply topically to sooth skin irritation, bug bites, bee stings, eczema... Anti Ageing and cell renewal with essential oils for mamma too. :)

— How to promote a good night sleep, bed wetting, bed dreams

— How to sooth dry cough

— Spot and acne treatment for teenage skin, hyper sensitive skin

— What oils you can rub on your tummy to ease digestive discomfort, nausea, motion sickness and so much more!!!!

__ I will also cover depression and panic attacks and how you can implement tools for this

March doTERRA classes in Jersey

20th March - Wednesday - Grand Hotel 7-9p

27th March - Wednesday - Grand Hotel 7-9pm


The reason behind the class:


Laura’s STORY

The last thing you want to hear after giving birth to your first baby is the diagnoses of cancer. But this is what our beautiful friend Laura had to face with a baby in her arm. Less than 2 and half years ago, life turned upside down for Laura, Karl and Baby Maya. Laura at the age of 34 was diagnosed with a very rare form of incurable cancer called Leiomyosarcoma.


Laura is an incredible mother, she is the friend you could always count on, and was a Spa Manager who never stopped giving to her clients. Her infectious smile, remarkable work ethic, and love towards life, and even bigger heart for her family and friends makes her a very special person to be around. With the blessing of Laura, Maggie (her best friend) and I have set up a series of fundraising events we would like to invite you too. Laura and we would like to raise awareness as to how day to day toxicity may contribute towards illnesses.


We will be offering a number of doTERRA essential oil workshops focusing on educating you on how to create a toxic free natural lifestyle and advising you how you can replace immune damaging chemicals from your home environment. We will be introducing you to doTERRA essential oils that Laura has been using for the past 1 and a half years which she and her family have benefited from. 100% of profits from ticketing and doTERRA oil sales are going to Laura’s family. There is a saying “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” We need to help them raise Maya. Please click play on these videos to meet Laura, Karl and tiny little, sweet Maya. We are raising as much money as we can to support her and her family to pay bills, nursery fees and travel expenses and most importantly funds for a possible new drug that she is currently being tested for. Please choose a date and come to a relaxed and informative workshop in the GRAND HOTEL where we will magic you away to the land of natural living and the power of doTERRA essential oils. You are welcome to come if you have the oils already or if you are brand new to this experience and want to start making changes. Bring friends. Please book your space below and support Laura.

We are looking forward to meet you and have fun with you.

Class Available dates: 

20th March - Wednesday - Grand Hotel 7-9pm

27th March - Wednesday - Grand Hotel 7-9pm