This truly magical class is a collaboration of two mammas Becky (mum of 6) and Nikolett (mum of 2)

Allow us to teach you what has made such a big difference in our and our families lifestyle and health with Eczema, asthma, migraines low immunity. Essential oils are my tools for earthy , conscious parenting.

We turn back to nature and explore what pure, therapeutic, food grade essential oils, plants, herbs and flowers has to offer. I will teach you topical and aromatic use of the oils that we have picked up working with nutrition and essential oils for 13 years now.

We will be also covering how to boost Immunity with diet and lifestyle as well as how to heal your Digestive System challenges.

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Come to the class and receive FREE GIFTS:

+ Lifestyle e-book bundle with - 7 day Meal Plan and

+ Recipe Book.

+ Free online FB support group and forum

+ 20 min one to one Wellness consultation with one of us over the phone or in person

+ FREE 15 ml bottle of Wild Orange Essential oil and FREE diffuser + car diffuser with every Home Essentials Kit that you will love using with your kids.

During this class you will learn:

  • How to help tired, aching joints, GROWING PAINS


  • How to reduce muscular discomfort before and after exercise

  • How to make a natural gargle mixture / protective mouth rinse for optimal oral health

  • How to support immunity during winter month - keep bugs, viruses and bacteria away from home

  • Natural chemical free cleaning solution to protect your pets and small children - specifically for asthma sufferers

  • How to purify air when its full of BACTERIA and VIRUSES from colds, flu and sore throats

  • How to apply and what to apply topically to calm anxiety and sooth emotions, lift mood before exams and socialising - great tips for separation anxiety

  • What essential oils to apply topically to sooth skin irritation, bug bites, bee stings, eczema... Anti Ageing and cell renewal with essential oils for mamma too. :)

  • How to promote a good night sleep, bed wetting, bed dreams

  • How to sooth dry cough

  • Spot and acne treatment for teenage skin, hyper sensitive skin

  • What oils you can rub on your tummy to ease digestive discomfort, nausea, motion sickness and so much more!!!!

  • I will also cover depression and panic attacks and how you can implement tools for this




20th Nov, tuesday MORNING CLASS: 9:45am -12:30pm

Class address and venue:

Bellas and Fellas, Heybridge House, Southend Rd, Billericay, Essex,

CM11 2PL


20th Nov, tuesday EVENING CLASS: 6:30PM -9:00pm

Class address and venue:

The beauty barn, Barn mews, Dunton Road
Basildon, Essex SS15 4DB


21th Nov, wednesday MORNING CLASS: 9:45am -12:30pm

Class address and venue:

Bellas and Fellas, Heybridge House, Southend Rd, Billericay, Essex,

CM11 2PL


21th Nov, wednesday EVENING CLASS: 7:00Pm -9:00pm

Class address and venue:

BEAUTIOLOGY SALON 106a High Street Billericay, Essex

CM12 9BY


In collaboration with Becky Mcqueen