My vision is to create the largest tribe of Mammas who want to dance the same dance. To live a non toxic natural lifestyle while creating income by doing what they love so much: helping others become healthier!

Let’s bring essential oils into every home!

Are you that person who loves everything natural? The person who shops at the local farm, and sticks to organic, avoid sugar, plastic and buys recycled items when possible? Do you catch yourself spending all your time reading wellness articles, trying new recipes or practicing self-care rituals, maybe you even make your own beauty products!? Are you searching for local wellness and yoga classes just so you can surround yourself with like-minded people? Yes? Me too! That was me, and still me! With one big difference:

I'm now earning a full-time income with doing what I love:


I’m just a Mamma who decided to bring natural solutions into our home. I was fed up with the unpronounceable words in our food, the chemicals in our waters, cleaning products, and in our skin care. I wanted it simple, affordable and sustainable, I NEEDED someone who guides me, who maps it out for me, so I enrolled with doTERRA as a customer, and my journey began…

After many months of using the oils, and products I become a Wellness Advocate and started to share it with my community.

This is when things really started to change…

doTERRA essential oils allowed me to totally eliminate toxicity from our home for only £4 a month!!! Yes, this is how much it costs me to make my products. Oh and about 5 min! It allowed me to have reliable tools at hand for everyday challenges.

It allowed us as a family to set a totally different example to our children when it comes to self and health care, and how we protect our planet for the future generations.

But it wouldn’t have been possible to fully embrace if I can’t earn money with it. I had to keep it real.

Hugging trees won’t pay for our rent

So here is what have we created…

If you are interested to start a similar journey to ours, email me. We would love to have you on board. Our community is made out of mums, very regular everyday mums who share the same passion. Some of us doing doTERRA full time now, some just part time to earn some extra money towards bills or even just to gain free oils for their personal use. Whatever you are set out to achieve I can guide you to get there. I would be honoured to do so.

Email me when you are ready to chit chat about sharing doTERRA

If you are a wellness professional specialising in holistic treatments, healing, beauty & SPA offerings, reflexology becoming AROMATOUCH TRAINED will be perfect for you!

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience

Email me here if you would like to find out about the next certification course near you. Sign up and receive an outstanding welcome pack from Mamma Jones.

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