The Idea Behind Therapeutic Skincare Approach And What It Really Means...

The Idea Behind Therapeutic Skincare Approach And What It Really Means...

I don't believe in the benefits of beauty treatments that run on the same protocol over and over again. Every client gets the same treatment. 

How can you treat everyone's skin the same way? Same products, same massage routine over and over again, when everyone is so bio-individual and our skin changes every day? How about understanding the body's eco system, and how it changes from person to person? I believe in getting to the route of your skin's problem instead of treating the surface only. I like to refer to the skin type as skin personalities. This allows us to play around and understand what we see on the skin a little more. I feel this approach take the stress out of labelling skin conditions and trying to come up with the solution there and then. 

I believe in looking at daily diet habits, immunity level, gut health, self-reflection, family history, suppressed emotions and environmental factors when it comes to advising. Most skin conditions are linked to immunity issues, bacteria and poor self care habits, too much toxin exposure. Bad microbiom balance, of course, can make the skin conditions worse but again, the balance will be controlled by the health of the gut, where 85% of our immunity is. 

As a Therapeutic Skin Health Coach, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (and mamma of course)  my focus is to educate and nurture you about why you are seeing changes on your skin. Showing you how you can support your biggest organ and how you can heal the relationship between your belly and your skin in order to achieve glowing skin. 

When we work together we look at your overall health history and ancestry. Together we make a lifestyle plan that you can easily follow. Make simple, sustainable changes in your diet, go through an elimination plan to try to identify triggers if you want to, but this is optional. Together we learn how to heal your skin from the inside while learning to care for it from the outside. That is the most important part of our time together. You will be implementing a brand new, natural, skin-friendly morning and evening routine with pure and potent 100% natural and organic products, medicinal essential oils and herbs that will compliment your healing journey. 
I cannot wait to start working with you on your skin and hold space for you. I would be honured to treat you.  


Email me if you have any skin care questions or if you are ready to work together on your skin. 

Mamma Jones / Nikolett 


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