The Painful Truth About The Commercial Beauty Industry...

Raw beauty the truth about the commercial beauty industry

I left the Conventional Beauty Industry about 4 years ago. But natural beauty still within me. My concentration and passion has shifted when the Universe opened up its doors to me, and I got exposed to Nutrition. I loved my little salon. I loved my clients. I worked in three different countries as a Internationally Qualified Facial and Body Therapist, managed Clinics and Spas in Budapest, London and finally opened up my own little beauty business in Jersey. I thought that was it. I had it all planned out. Making people "beautiful" was my passion. My business was doing well financially too.

I’m not shy to say that I’m very clued up about skin and treatments. I trained in everything from Acid Peels, Non Surgical Facelifts , Microdermabrasion, Endermology and the list could go on …

I also offered treatments like Nail Nourishment and Body Firming, Fake Tanning and Skin Bleaching. You name it, I can explain it to you. I was brainwashed. 

The cosmetic and beauty industry in the UK alone is worth over £6.5 billion annually, so its really not hard to convince women to buy beauty products.  Everything is in beautiful bottles and they all smell absolutely gorgeous. So what could go wrong?

I wish I educated myself sooner about synthetic chemicals. It is ironic that cosmetic manufacturers continue to claim that their products will make us look and feel better when experts are concerned about long term effects. These chemicals are harmful.

Do you experienced anything similar like this on my list?


Asthma, skin, eye and respiratory track irritation

Skin sensitisation


Birth Defects

Cancer are just a handful of the potential negative effects of many of the chemicals we regularly apply to our bodies.

Unfortunately chemicals accumulate over time. We can absorb chemicals through inhalation, ingestion, through our skin, placenta, and breast milk. While some chemicals and their breakdown products only remain in our body for a short period of time, others are not. We can store them in our adipose fat layer, blood, muscles, bone and even brain tissue. Some chemicals can attack the body, they know as:





So what is the message of this article?

Try to minimise (OR AVOID ALL TOGETHER) your exposure to synthetic chemicals and avoid using non natural products at all the time. Whatever you put on your skin absorbs in to your blood. The body absorbs 60% of what we put on it. Within Seconds your beauty products ends up in your blood stream. There are more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals in the marketplace but only 5 percent have ever been tested.

Think twice before you buy! Read labels and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients just leave the bottle. You will reduce getting cancer significantly by swapping to natural products ( NOT ORGANIC, it has to be natural! Unless its 100% organic)

Summer is approaching and everyone is going crazy about using suncreams. The problem is that most sunscreen contains parabens and phthalates along with a host of others, including things like aluminum! Most sunscreen contains carcinogenic substances. In fact, research indicates that skin cancer rates have actually increased with the use of sunscreen.

Use Natural products instead to protect yourself and your family. Stand out, please don’t follow the crowd. Educate yourself so you can have a longer and healthier life.

Come and see me for some nurturing. Natural, conscious, honest & absolutely chemical free treatments. Safe for you and your baby you are growing. Those who feel called to work with me leave me feel humbled and moved beyond measure.  

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Love and Light

Mamma Jones