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Facial diagnoses are one of my favorite ways to read information from the body. In the human body energy pathways connect the inner organs with the body surface. Thus the condition of the skin and the tissue immediately beneath offer information about the organs. The locations of the zones are derived from several Chinese and Japanese sources, the most important of which is the work of Michio Kushi. 

Let's look at some of the facial zones a little closer, it may help you understand a little more what is going on in your body and why you are suffering from skin disorders.  

LIVER: Look out for swelling: this may indicate enlargement of the liver.

GALL BLADDER: early wrinkles can be the indication of stressed gallbladder

LUNGS: The cheeks indicate the condition of the lungs. For example, light pink cheeks point to low energy in the lungs.  

NOSE: If the end of the nose is red we usually look at the heart energy, irregular heartbeat, tiredness, circulation problems. People with red nose usually also have cold hands and feet.  

Look at your facial skin in the mirror. Where do you get the most breakouts on your skin? Where do you get your eczema or psoriases flare-ups?

Comment below and I will tell you which medicinal oils will help you with your skin zone and how to apply it in order to start recovering your skin as well as your compromised organ where the problem is reflected from. Your body is one whole ecosystem. Your skin receives messages and skin conditions pop up just like when u get a notification from Instagram. What you do next will determine your skin health for the next 28 days. Interesting isn't it? 

Get in touch or book a Skin Health Coaching session with me. Together we can start your skin recovery program. 

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