9 Things You Need To Know If You Have Eczema

9 Things You Need To Know If You Have Eczema

Simply put eczema is increased water loss from the skin that makes the top layer of the dermis dry out. Because of the dryness this skin condition giving allergens and microbes easy entry. Here are my simply day to day tips on how to allow your skin to heal or at least reduce inflammation and symptoms.

1) Do not use shower gel, soap, or any other cleaning products on your skin every day. Keep it for your private bits.

2) Avoid showering. opt in for a bath, but add in a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and vitamin E oil.

3) Keep your nails short and very clean so you don't scratch too much and you reduce the chances of infection

4) Drink more water. Dehydration causes skin itching. With or without eczema.

5) Avoid Gluten, dairy and sugars, and high histamine foods.

What not to eat if you have eczema

  • Tomatoes.

  • Avocados: Gasp! Sorry, but they're one of the leading sources of amines and salicylates.

  • Broccoli.

  • Dried fruits.

  • Deli meats.

  • Eggs: 70-90% of people with eczema are allergic or sensitive to them.

  • Sugar.

  • Dairy products: 89% of eczema sufferers are allergic to dairy products.

6) Go absolutely natural and no chemical with your products - experiment making your own.

Try this home made eczema cream from DR AXE:


  • Wide-mouth mason jar or something similar with a lid for storage.

  • Double boiler. Another option is to use a heat-safe container that you can place in a pan filled with some water, such as a jar.

  • Mixer: hand-held or stand mixer.

How to Apply It:

Testing is always advised when using a new product on your skin, especially when using essential oils or products that may contain nuts. Once you have tested, if you want to continue use, simply apply once or twice a day over the affected area. Make sure to avoid eye contact and wash hands thoroughly after use.


  • ½ cup raw shea butter

  • ½ cup coconut oil (optional: ¼ cup olive oil or almond oil)

  • 1 tablespoon local honey

  • 30 drops of lavender essential oil

  • 8 drops of tea tree essential oil

  • optional additions: 5 drops of geranium essential oil and/or 5 drops of myrrh essential oil


  1. Using a double boiler or something similar, melt the shea butter and coconut oil until they’re combined.

  2. Add the honey and continue to stir.

  3. Once everything has melted and is well blended, add the lavender and tea tree oils. Continue to blend.

  4. Slightly cool the ingredients so that it will begin to thicken, but keep it soft. You can put the solution in the refrigerator for a few minutes to speed up this process but not for long. You do not want it to harden too much.

  5. Using your mixer (either hand-held or a stand mixer), mix for several minutes until it has a frothy appearance, eventually developing the consistency of lotion. You can achieve this by continuing to mix about every 10 minutes.

  6. Transfer to the mason jar or other container.

  7. Store at room temperature or in the refrigerator. It will stay a bit softer at room temperature which may make it easier to apply. Dr Axe.

7) Avoid anything that will overheat your skin.

You can control your body temperature and protect the skin from over heating with a DIY Peppermint Body Spray.


Pour 2 Tbsp. distilled water & 2 Tbsp. witch hazel into a small 2 oz. spray bottle.

  1. add 4 drops each of peppermint and lavender essential oils.

  2. put on the spray top and shake well to combine.

8) Exfoliate your skin but make sure the product is natural and not aggravating your skin. Everyone is different. You will need to find the perfect product for you.


Combine coconut oil, sugar and baking soda, 2 drops Melaleuca essential oil – the perfect combo for flaky, crusty eczema.

9) Have Itch relief butter with you all the time:


Directions: In a bowl or stand mixer, mix together coconut oil and shea butter. Mix in essential oils and vitamin E. Place in a container.

To use: At night, slather on a small about of butter before bed. I also put it on right when I feel my skin flaring up (like right after I eat cheese or ice cream).

Love to you all

Mamma Jones

Nikolett Jones