Introducing My Magical Mamma Oil Herbal Skin Broth Infusion

I wanted to treat my Mamma clients with something extra special during their self-care and healing time with me in the treatment room. I also wanted to provide something mums can use at home while they are pregnant and caring for their belly, breast and prenatal state or focusing on healing in the 4th trimester.

I always feel deeply honored to prepare my Mamma Oil for my customers. It makes me feel like I’m there with them, nurturing them all the time. I can’t wait tell you more about it here…

I was searching for a nourishing but 100% natural, toxin-free, safe, skin food body oil on the market, preferably in a glass, as I really dislike keeping my products in plastic. It had to be organic, and full of goodness for the soul and the body, for baby and mamma too.

But I couldn’t find anything I was truly happy with. There is always something added to preserve the product or make it smell stronger. I don’t want that. This is how my signature infusion was born.

This beautiful infusion includes seasonal wild harvested organic flowers and herbs with a special blend of raw oils that feeds the skin and your immunity during treatment and self-care time.

I use this handmade infusion for my head to toe treatments and facials to support tired mammas immunity and recovery. It improves skin elasticity, soothes the dry patches, heals stretch marks. Pregnant, new, tired mammas, this one is for you!

It takes me 3-6 weeks to brew this oil. This is how long it takes for the goodness and loving properties to release into the oil base and turn into a herbal broth that I can then use on your skin safely. During this time I need to watch and turn the oil broth to make sure its brewing well.

There is so much care and love goes into making just one bottle. I'm excited to offer this to you at your special self-care time.

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Mamma Jones


Nikolett Jones