Inflammatory Foods To Avoid For Skin Health & How I Read Your Skin With Chinese Face Mapping...

holisitic face mapping with nikolett Jones

During my skin talk and skin masterclass events, I talk a lot about eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet in order to maintain skin health. Dermal nutrition is a big part of my treatments and coaching I offer at my Skin Clinic and online. But before we dig in, I will say that a balanced lifestyle is everything. I'm not suggesting going vegan but what I do recommend is going clean with your diet as much a possible. 

What does this really mean? Should you get strict about alcohol, dairy, wheat, and preservatives? Yes, absolutely. But don't get an unhealthy attitude about it and make sure you don't develop fear when it comes to food either. You can still drink red wine. (unless of course, you suffer from rosacea, autoimmune conditions, you totally shouldn't. I do not recommend it ) If you must, then drink red wine that's organic and NON-GMO.

When it comes to dairy avoid cow's milk and opt-in for organic unpasteurized goat and sheep milk. Even better go for plant-based nut milk and nut cheeses. Organic goat and sheep products will have a far less severe effect on your health and skin. This is especially important if you suffer from eczema and psoriases. 

Sugar is your skin's most evil enemy. Best to avoid processed sugar all together. I don't believe in avoiding fruits and natural sugars unless you had a massive flare up. After all, this is not torturing. It meant to be a well balanced enjoyable lifestyle while healing the skin. Best to eat small amounts of natural sugars companied by fats and protein. Example: coconut yogurt with maple syrup and fresh berries or half an avocado with stevia sprinkles. 

You know my motto: " What you eat will show on your skin and what you put on your skin you will eat. "

chinese face mapping and skin coaching with Nikolett Jones

This is why I use the Chinese Face Mapping technique as part of my Health and Skin Coaching.  Chinese Face Mapping ISN'T about identifying what part of your body is sick. It is about learning your own skin language. Your skin will talk to you and constantly be trying to let you know what is not working well in your body. What is out of balance and what you should be focusing on during your healing journey. This can change from cycle to cycle, sometimes even changes from day to day, even from hour to hour. When you start monitoring your skin cycle you master the art of listening. You will find it easy to provide your skin and body with what it is asking for. Chinese face mapping is the first step of this process. 

Hope to see you for a skin talk, masterclass or private treatment at my skin clinic very soon.

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Mamma Jones / Nikolett Jones 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Therapeutic Skin Coach 


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