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Nikolett Jones Therapeutic Skin Health Coach and Medicinal Facialist  

Nikolett Jones Skin Health Coach Jersey Channel Islands
Nikolett Jones skin health Coach Jersey channel islands adult acne, eczema and psoriases through gut health and medicinal essential oils

I’m a Jersey (Channel Islands) based Therapeutic Skin Health Coach, Facialist, Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach and doTERRA Essential Oils Educator and European Leader in the industry. 

 I'm a writer, speaker, teacher and creator of Wellness with Mamma Jones brand. I supports women, mammas online and in person by empowering them to use natural solutions, and to start the loving journey of healing their skin. I'm writing my first book about the gut-skin connection as I passionately believe in that the food you eat will show on your skin and the product ingredients you absorb your skin will eat. 

 I'm here to empower you to connect with your body, uncover your true reason behind your skin conditions, and embrace your inner goddess so you can create a sustainable shift and start your skin recovery journey with ease and clarity.

I'm all about a results based approach that blends scientific and practical tools with intuitive and energetic techniques to get to the root cause of any triggers that may cause your flare ups

You can get to know me a little better here or head over here to book your first online discovery session, to learn how I can help you with your skin conditions, immunity and gut health. 

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Skin health coaching

beautiful skin starts in your belly 

The gut is where you metabolise hormones,  eliminate toxins and form nutrients. Gut health is necessary to reduce skin conditions & skin inflammation.


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Essential oils  

MUM's this way!  Unapologetically committed to share -educate & mentor mothers about the healing powers of nature. My heartfelt mission is to take doTERRA essential oils mainstream so we can raise a healthier next generation!   




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