" We were concerned about our health and the food that we were eating. I had seen Mamma Jones on Facebook and read some of the other reviews.
Our consultation was via Skype and Nikolett was lovely, we discussed my concerns and what I wanted to achieve from our sessions together. My partner had also been very poorly since the beginning of the year with cellulitis which had hospitalised him twice, so Nikolett suggested he come to the sessions too. To date he has been cellulitis free for 9 weeks, which is great as since the beginning of the year he had pretty much had it every 4-5weeks, being ill each time and off work between 2-4weeks.
I had been ill myself with stomach issues for about 12 years.this was an other reason we wanted to work with her. Each session was brilliant and both my partner and myself learnt so much from them, on our second session we went shopping and learnt so much about food and reading labels, and what to eat, how to replace things and where food really comes from.
I know a lot of people think healthy eating is expensive but that is not true, it's only expensive if you buy all the healthy food and keep eating the junk food as well. We found that once we had changed our shopping and eating habits for the better our shopping costs roughly the same as it was before, if not cheaper.
It wasn't just knowing what to eat it was why we should eat it and we both feel so much better, my stomach issue have almost completely gone (unless I eat something naughty)

We will definitely be seeing Nikolett again. "

Becca and Charlie

Rebecca and Charlie Schofield

" I just wanted to write this letter to tell you the biggest thank you for all your help. When I came to see you 6 months ago I was at the end of my tether regarding my health issues with my tummy and was really down mentally and physically . You took the time to help me through step by step, with loads of very important information regarding all the foods I was eating incorrectly for my body type, which has over my whole life contributed massively to my main problems and you Nikki guided me on the write lines . You are such a lovely person you gave me positive and kind feedback on my progress and encouragement which made me more determined to succeed. 6 months on I am on no medication for the first time in years, I don't feel sick or bloated every day , I have loads of energy and I think I am the healthiest I have ever been. So thank you for guiding me to completely change my lifestyle towards food and health. It has been amazing, inspirational and the benefits are unquestionable ! "

Emma Touzel , Mum of two

I have just spent the best ever 2 hours at one of Nikolett Jones' workshops. I dragged my sorry butt there after a grim day, not feeling very enthusiastic at all, and came away totally inspired by such a lovely, knowledgeable, funny, bright and enthusiastic woman. I can't recommend her workshops highly enough and wish she could be bottled! A different subject every Tuesday evening I believe...if you are interested in health and nutrition you will love her.

Sarah Harris , Office Manager / Jersey

“ Nikolett “Mamma” Jones is a pure delight! Like all good mammas, she is devoted to her children. Her passion for nutrition and healthy living make her a wonderful advocate of what she’s teaching. She has the most mesmerizing personality. I think she’s fabulous – I think you will too! ”

Joanne Reid Rodrigues, founder of SlimmingTogether.com, author of Life Transformation Diet and Slim, Happy & Free.

" Personal coaching with Nikolett has been totally life transforming. Its all about becoming the person you want to be, about living a life of passion, purpose & impact. Well, I got this and more.. I'm so grateful. You helped me to identify the issues that have stood in my way of business success & assisted me in developing techniques for working through them..You have a beautiful energy with an open hearted, down to earth approach.. I would highly recommend Nikolett to anyone who needs some clarity, insight, support & empowerment in any area of their lives. "

Nicky Dean Le Beaily, Healing Essentials

" I worked with Nikolett for 4 weeks. I am so grateful for the amazing changes I have managed to make in such a short period of time. When we first met, I was feeling lethargic, I had no energy and I was really worn out. You have helped me with all of these and I feel like a truly different person. We looked at my lifestyle, mindset, belief system and what I had to change. Through diet, mindset, meditation and letting go of things that no longer serve me, I can honestly say I feel like a new woman. The saying "you are what you eat" is so true. I have so much energy now and feel alive again. "

Michelle Cherry , Jersey

“ Thanks so much for an amazing 4 weeks. It really has changed my outlook, improved my knowledge, increased my awareness of wellness and made it a permanent lifestyle choice. I really enjoyed our sessions and top tips throughout! Thanks for teaching me exactly what I was looking for which was so much more than just a wellbeing course. I feel healthier, happier and confident to ‘add in’!. Thank you Nikolett you are a warrior woman with a caring and funny approach to being well! I’ll be back! xx ”

Rachael Moody, Jersey

“ Thank you so much for opening our mind to the “proper” world of food! I can’t believe I had a lot of “demands ” on our first call and one of them was…. I wanted to continue to eat meat because I love it! I didn’t want to become vegetarian to loose weight and to live a guilt free life.

I also wanted to loose most of my baby weight, reduce my sugar intake and FINALLY eat food guilt free! I thought this was absolutely not possible!

Wow you have not only helped me loose weight, I now don’t eat naughty sugars, not out of force but because I have no cravings for it! I can eat delicious bread and not feel bloated! I finally do not feel guilty about the food I put in my mouth and finally I’m don’t have to eat rabbit food to feel fabulous.

To top it all…… my husband is on board, excited and motivated about the food we eat. I have not had to do different meals so my little 2 year old is eating what we eat as a family. I’m a busy mom and childcarer so I need simplicity and you have helped me with all of this.

There is so much more you have done and I could go on and on. Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to coming to other workshops and events you do. "

Sandy Snook , Jersey , Professional Child Minder

“ After working with Niki just for 4 weeks, I have progressed and achived more then working with therapists in years. I had an incredible transformation. Now, I have signed up for an other 6 month with her. “

Szilvia Kortes, London

” I really understand now that we absolutely are what we feed ourselves. My hair and nails are growing faster and my skin is much healthier. I had a rash on one hand around my nose which have both cleared up since following your amazing advice. I love feeling like this! I’ve also had no caffine at all so far this year, have kept away from dairy and no alcohol has passed my lips! I’ve also had a rethink of what I’m doing with my life. You are a very inspirational woman Nikolett. I loved our time so much, that Im a regular when it comes to the seasonal group detox programs. ”

Frances Chambers, Jersey

" Thank you Nikolett for a very interesting Vegan Nut Milk Making and Superfood Workshop last night, I really enjoyed it. I haven't drunk milk for over a year now as I worked out it was causing my acne. I tend to buy almond milk from the supermarket as making it myself seemed so fiddly and time consuming but you made it look so simple last night that I am going to start making my own. I really enjoyed all the different milks that you made with us and will definitely be making them for me and the kids, the turnermic one in particular has to be a regular!  Thank You. "

Karen Depledge, Jersey